Lonely Wolf Treat: The Complete Series

a heartwarming RPGmaker series by NomnomNami

currently in development!
steam release: 2025(?)
download for free on itch.io (windows only)


  • IN PROGRESS - Trick Comes Home, Part 2

  • 12/25/2023 - Trick Comes Home, Part 1 (latest release)

  • 8/1/2022 - Lucky Number Moxie (Treat Complete v0.7.5)

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LONELY WOLF TREAT is an RPGmaker series about a wolf who moves into a town full of rabbits.download the latest version here!

right now, the story stops at chapter 8, part 1.chapter 8, part 2 is still in development. i post about it sometimes on my blog! i'm a solo developer working on this project whenever i feel like it, so updates tend to take a really long time.the original Lonely Wolf Treat was released as a single chapter of the story in 2016. in 2022, the separate chapters were combined into The Complete Series version that's available now! there were numerous additions/changes between the initially released chapters, so if you're a returning fan curious about the new content, you can check the list of changes here on this site.if you'd like to support the project, work-in-progress builds are available to my higher tier patrons over on patreon.the completed game will be released on steam! currently aiming for 2025... wish me luck!!- nami


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...and many more!
play the game to meet them all :)
some character profiles include spoilers.
spoiler text is hidden like this: [spoilers]
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main characters


pronouns: she/her
age: 21
birthday: 4/30
a quiet and reserved wolf. she loves to eat meat.


pronouns: she/her
age: 19
birthday: 2/28
a friendly and outgoing bunny. she loves warm meals.


pronouns: she/her
age: 20
birthday: 8/1
a fox with an attitude. seems a little dangerous...


pronouns: they/them
age: 24
birthday: 5/23
treat's best friend. their smile never fades.

side characters


pronouns: she/her
age: 25
mochi's cousin. she absolutely hates wolves... her nickname is juju.


pronouns: he/him they/them
age: 26
manjuu's best friend and roommate. he works at the general store in frosting.


pronouns: she/her
age: 32
a kind rabbit. she runs the hot springs in frosting with the help of her wife.


pronouns: she/her
age: 29
a mouse who seems nice, but can be a little strict. she's married to annie.


pronouns: she/her
age: 20
moxie's friend. she's a bit of a comedian.


pronouns: she/her
age: 20
salt's partner. why's she so mad all the time...?


pronouns: they/them
age: 21
moxie's friend. they're in charge of the store at the foxy den.


pronouns: she/her
age: 25
the local post owl. she watches over frosting's borders to keep predators away.

have you played other NomnomNami games?
there are recurring characters, too...
check this page to read about them!


these characters are guest appearances from my other works! follow the links to play the games they're originally from :)


pronouns: she/her
age: 22
an insterail attendant. she's a witch who specializes in temporal magic.


pronouns: she/her
age: 22
an insterail attendant, good with spatial magic. she carries around a doll named nil.


pronouns: she/her
age: 24
a girl enamored with darkness. she's posing as a rabbit in frosting, but she's actually a witch... pretending to be an angel? how confusing.


pronouns: she/her
age: 2480
a girl trying her best to be a good demon. she isn't very evil by nature, though...


pronouns: she/her
age: 24
a bratty witch who's a big fan of syrup's candy.


pronouns: they/them
age: 23
butterscotch's familiar. they like to say "nya"


pronouns: she/her
age: 27
the candy alchemist herself! her sweets are widely loved among witches.


pronouns: he/him
age: 26
syrup's best friend and shop assistant. he seems to have a secret or two...


pronouns: she/her
age: fresh
a candy golem created by pastille. she helps syrup at atelier sweets!


pronouns: she/her
age: 25
a nerdy light witch who's working hard to conquer her introverted nature.


pronouns: she/her
age: 23
marzipan's bestie and self-proclaimed familiar. she has a very obvious crush on her...


pronouns: he/him
age: 26
a flirty aromagician who dresses for success. seems like he has some kind of relationship with pastille...?

oh, were you looking for even MORE cameos...?
there's one more major one, but...
well it's up to you to learn about that :)


this is the full list of additions/changes between the original games and "The Complete Series" version of Lonely Wolf Treat.spoilers are marked like this: [spoilers]
you can click to reveal the text.
general - ch1 - ch2 - ch3 - ch4 - ch5 - ch6


  • CHAPTER SELECT! contains a whole scene with thyme and spice, highly recommended.

  • added TEXT SKIP by holding ctrl, so you can zoom through cutscenes

  • added LARGE TEXT for yelling, along with a lot of minor formatting edits (a few typo fixes, too)

  • added SYSTEM items that let you check the controls or change from light mode/dark mode whenever you want

  • changed character descriptions to list pronouns and birthday since it wasn't possible to update them midgame

  • improved inventory with item icons

  • all guest characters have been replaced

  • MUSIC: extended/new versions of mochi, lost, and lost in snow. some tracks were removed/replaced, others were remastered (mostly removing harsher sounds)

  • added more mid-chapter save prompts

chapter 1

  • new characters: pitaya and lemonne (dialogue unaltered)

  • new object-checking text: shop shelves, checkpoint gate, treat’s bed, sink, stove, and mailbox (before moving in).

  • if you get in bed and hit z/enter you will now turn randomly

  • manjuu has more dialogue when you talk to her in the beginning, dango has extra lines when you keep talking to him after buying cup noodles.

  • if treat forgot her wallet at the start, she gets it back when mochi joins (so you can buy the chicken)

chapter 2

  • new object-checking text: store shelves

  • annie and may bow to you when you enter the hotsprings

  • if you take the devipuri from the fridge before asking lemonne, she will have new dialogue when you talk to her

  • added a prompt for how much you tipped boreas

chapter 3

  • new characters: cassia, biscotti, astragalus

  • if you start the game from chapter select, there’s a bit of extra dialogue the first time you talk to spice (this can happen in chapter 4 and 5 as well, but only activates once per playthrough)

  • talking to eleni on the insterail has alternate dialogue if moxie saw the start of the ritual in chapter 2.

  • there is new text for walking on the train tracks

  • if you return to atelier sweets station after visiting once, everyone will be gone and atelier sweets will be closed.

  • changed the layout of treat's house to match chapter 5 onwards.

chapter 4

  • new characters: jam and marzipan! unnamed chinchilla's design and dialogue were slightly altered.

  • moxie will only trade you the anywhere pass for the devipuri if you picked it up from the safe in chapter 3. otherwise, she gives you the prop knife.

  • the netherworld has been expanded! you can now visit BAD END THEATER. also changed kamilla's outfit to her casual clothes from contract demon.

  • added a prompt for returning the anywhere pass

chapter 5

  • new characters: cassia, biscotti, angelica

  • new object-checking text: hotsprings lockers

  • talking to the book seller in the marketplace, there’s a new conversation if you haven’t read the lore books from chapter 2

  • once you talk to angelica (one of cassia's partners), you can find her girlfriends and reunite their group (previously the guest characters here reunited on their own). they will show up at the beach later if you reunited them.

  • if you take the leftovers from the fridge, mochi has new dialogue

chapter 6

  • new scene: danny will be at home instead of at the hot springs if you didn't see them at the beach in chapter 5.

  • new object-checking text: most stuff in brickzo’s house

  • there was a plot discrepancy with whether or not they ate dinner before coming home. this has been retconned (new dialogue when you check your fridge with juju there)


about the game

Q: When will the next update be released?A: i'm trying my best to finish chapter 8 part 2 before the end of 2024. for monthly email updates, you can subscribe to Letters from Trick. if you'd like to support the development and see early-access content, the most recent builds are available to my patrons at the "dedicated fan" tier.Q: How many chapters will there be?A: chapter 8 is the last one. i'm making a lot of bonus content to go along with the earlier chapters, and there will be an epilogue with various storylines at the very end... so there's still a lot of content on the way!Q: When will the full game be finished?A: i mean... hopefully during 2025. i have other big projects i want to get to, so i'm trying not to work on treat forever...!Q: Will it be available on steam?A: yes, once the epilogue is finished.Q: How much will the steam version cost?A: i'm not sure yet! probably $15 or less, but the exact price will vary by region. (i don't want it to be too expensive...)Q: Will there be an android/mobile version?A: i don't think i can make one... i'm sorry!Q: I played the standalone versions of the chapters a long time ago. What's new in "The Complete Series" version?A: see this page for details.Q: What engine and other tools were used to make LWT?A: RPG Maker VX Ace. the art was drawn in Clip Studio Paint, and the music was made with FL Studio.Q: Will the game be translated to other languages?A: yes, i have many translators who have already agreed to help me with this. we are waiting until the game is completely finished to begin translations.

fan content

Q: Is it okay to post fan art or song covers/remixes?A: yeah, go ahead! i'm happy to see it.Q: What about cosplay?A: please have fun!Q: Can I sell fanmade merch at a convention or online?A: sure :) as long as you made it yourself. please don't steal my art to sell on redbubble or anything.Q: I want to make a fangame. Is that allowed?A: yes! there are even a few fangames that exist already :) i prefer that people create their own assets for them, but it's okay to use the treat sprites too. as long as you clarify that it's a fan project, it's all good!Q: Can I make/distribute modded versions of the game?A: i think mods are okay. i just don't want the files to be sold directly for a profit, or as a replacement for the official version. i don't mind if you have a tip jar for your work though (patreon, etc). just like with fangames, be sure to clarify that it's a fan project somewhere. if you're worried about something in particular, you can always just ask me directly!Q: Are NSFW/18+ fan works allowed?A: yes, just please tag appropriately! i don't want to see it, and i don't want minors to be able to find it. personally, i hope you will respect my characters' canon genders and sexualities, but considering you are here reading this, that probably means you will. thanks!

other questions

i will add to this faq occasionally. if you want to know anything else that wasn't listed here, feel free to contact me!thanks for reading ❤︎