Lonely Wolf Treat:
The Complete Series


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LONELY WOLF TREAT is an RPG Maker series about a wolf who moves into a town full of rabbits.there are 7 currently chapters released.
chapter 8 is in development.
you can download the early access version here!

spinoff games
Dress Treat!

NSFW comics (18+)



this is the full list of differences between the original games and the complete version of Lonely Wolf Treat.


  • CHAPTER SELECT! contains a whole scene with thyme and spice, highly recommended.

  • added LARGE TEXT for yelling, along with a lot of minor formatting edits (a few typo fixes, too)

  • changed character descriptions to list pronouns and birthday since it wasn't possible to update them midgame

  • all guest characters have been replaced

  • MUSIC: extended/new versions of mochi, lost, and lost in snow. some tracks were removed/replaced, others were remastered (mostly removing harsher sounds)

  • added more mid-chapter save points

chapter 1

  • new characters: pitaya and lemonne (dialogue unaltered)

  • new object-checking text: shop shelves, checkpoint gate, treat’s bed, sink, stove, and mailbox (before moving in).

  • if you get in bed and hit z/enter you will now turn randomly

  • manjuu has more dialogue when you talk to her in the beginning, dango has extra lines when you keep talking to him after buying cup noodles.

chapter 2

  • annie and may bow to you when you enter the hotsprings

  • if you take the devipuri from the fridge before asking lemonne, she will have new dialogue when you talk to her

chapter 3

  • new characters: cassia, biscotti, astragalus

  • if you start the game from chapter select, there’s a bit of extra dialogue the first time you talk to spice (this can happen in chapter 4 and 5 as well, but only activates once per playthrough)

  • talking to eleni on the insterail has alternate dialogue if moxie saw the start of the ritual in chapter 2.

  • if you return to atelier sweets station after visiting once, everyone will be gone and atelier sweets will be closed.

  • changed the layout of treat's house to match chapter 5 onwards.

chapter 4

  • new characters: jam and marzipan! unnamed chinchilla's design and dialogue were slightly altered.

  • moxie will only trade you the anywhere pass for the devipuri if you picked it up from the safe in chapter 3. otherwise, she gives you the prop knife.

  • the netherworld has been expanded! you can now visit BAD END THEATER. also changed kamilla's outfit to her casual clothes from contract demon.

chapter 5

  • new characters: cassia, biscotti, angelica

  • new object-checking text: hotsprings lockers

  • talking to the book seller in the marketplace, there’s a new conversation if you haven’t read the lore books from chapter 2

  • once you talk to angelica (one of cassia's partners), you can find her girlfriends and reunite their group (previously the guest characters here reunited on their own). they will show up at the beach later if you reunited them.

  • if you take the leftovers from the fridge, mochi has new dialogue

chapter 6

  • new scene: danny will be at home instead of at the hot springs if you didn't see them at the beach in chapter 5.

  • new object-checking text: most stuff in brickzo’s house

  • there was a plot discrepancy with whether or not they ate dinner before coming home. this has been retconned (new dialogue when you check your fridge with juju there)